Dan Magness

Football Freestyle

Learning his tricks growing up in Guildford UK, Dan refined them and put together an amazing, unrivalled football freestyle display that kept him at the top of the freestyle tree where he remains to this day. He has performed half time shows for many Premiership football clubs and has appeared in TV commercials worldwide alongside some of the world’s biggest names in world football.

In 2009 Dan became the first person in the world to keep a ball in the air for 24 hours without dropping it. This amazing feat was followed a few months later by a gruelling 36 mile walk across London in January 2010, keeping a football up the whole time. In June 2010 he extended his 24 hour record by 2 whole hours, raising the bar for other freestylers to strive towards.

Dan will wow your students with a showcase assembly, showing his most difficult skills before giving a handful of students the chance to learn & demonstrate a new trick, then its the turn of the staff! Dan will lead a freestyle challenge to give staff the chance to show off what they’ve got (or haven’t got). The assembly leads into a full day of progressive, developmental PE lessons with Dan working with students of all ages and abilities to learn the basics of football freestyle. Dan will also give each and every child some skills to work on at home to impress their parents!



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